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Is your ad sales strategy ready? Find out with this 5-point health check

UK membership organisations collectively left thousands of pounds worth of potential revenue on the table, due to one common gap in their strategic plan:

They had no advertising sales strategy.

If yours is one of the hundreds of UK membership organisations that still has no strategic advertising sales plan in place, here are a few headline facts you need to know:

Advertising sales is a ‘zero cost’ revenue stream for most membership associations. Most advertising sales specialists (like us at Bourne Media) will offer a commission-only option, meaning that there is literally no financial risk to you – only gains.

The best advertisers are actively seeking opportunities to engage with membership communities like yours. That means that membership organisations can generate significant, high-value ad revenues, even with limited placements and a niche circulation.

Strategic advertising will actively enhance your readers’ experience. When your advertising sales strategy works hand-in-hand with your editorial strategy – as we do at Bourne Media – everyone wins. The right brand-aligned advertising partnerships will benefit your readers every bit as much as they benefit your bottom line.

Less is more for ad-sales success. You don’t need to flood your membership communications with excessive advertising to generate revenue. When you work with an ad-sales partner like Bourne Media, we will show you how to limit your advertising space to a high-value minimum … and let the scarcity factor work in your favour.

You don’t need a printed magazine, to make good revenue from advertising. In fact, ALL of your membership communications, digital AND printed, could become part of your advertising revenue strategy – transforming your communications from cost centre, to revenue stream next year!

Advertising budgets are being allocated right now. So if you want your organisation to benefit from a slice of the spend and boost your revenue – at no cost to you! – with advertising content from quality, brand-aligned advertisers, the time is now.

So how can you tell whether your organisation is one of the hundreds that are currently missing out on zero-cost revenues from high-quality advertisers?

At Bourne Media, we work that out with a Free Advertising Revenue Strategy Audit, where we focus on these 5 areas. From there, we pick out the tell-tale signs that you may be missing out on brand-aligned ad spend. We’ll even present a no-obligation proposal for you: outlining what we would do, as your appointed Advertising Sales Agency, to generate no-cost revenues for you and your organisation.

Here are the 5 points to focus on today, so you can healthcheck your own advertising revenue strategy right now:

  1. List your main membership communications channels: print and digital. How many are you currently using to carry brand-aligned advertising? Could you be using more?
  2. Review your current advertising packages. Are you providing high-value, innovative opportunities to reward and retain the best advertisers – at the best rates?
  3. Review your current advertising space. Are you leveraging the ‘scarcity’ factor to create high-value, must-buy advertising space options for the best advertisers?
  4. Review your current advertising contracts. Are you creating long-lasting, omnichannel packages that give you peace of mind for the months to come?
  5. Review the advertising trends in your sector: are you leading the field in your pricing and your innovation – or are you lagging behind?

Could you use some expert help for your Advertising Revenue Strategy Healthcheck? Book a free, no-obligation Advertising Audit with our experts at Bourne Media: we’ll review your current advertising situation and provide an expert estimate of your actual advertising revenue potential – and what you can do now to achieve it.

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